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Our participants :

Peter Hoekstra

Peter Hoekstra

The glimpse facial recognition technology allows seamless and instant identification. The user does not need to look at the camera or stop for it. We bring biometric identification and personalization as part of a privacy proof ecosystem.

Hans d'Hollosy
Hans d’Hollosy
CCO & Co-owner

Tauseef Ali
CTO & Co-owner

Adriaan Harthoorn

Aernout Arends
AAL brings innovation to personalized audio. Established in 2016, AAL introduced their first stand alone personalizable headphones at CES 2018, honored with a CES Innovations Award. With its 7 heads team and partnering with leading global technology companies, AAL has defined and developed a new product category: connected personalizable audio devices on on an open smart O/S.
Founder & CEO

Mark Kaal

Sebastian Kuntz
Belleron is a trusted financial crime and large scale attacks solution pioneer. The company helps fight large-scale, difficult-to-detect banking attacks and helps dealing with the unknown Open Innovation Threats (OIT), emerging from PSD2 and Open Banking.

Board Member/Business Development

Veronique Rijken
Preventers of the Unknown

Nick Ramsey
Braincarta has introduced the world’s-first clinically validated standard fMRI procedure, named Elonav, that now enables radiologists to add fMRI to their portfolio. Elonav consists of a standardized set of tasks to support the radiologist, and offers a fully automated analysis and report generation service that include the required functional brain maps, that can be used during surgery and radiotherapy planning. With Elonav, clinicians can now plan surgical and radiotherapeutic treatment being better informed about risks, and perform treatment with more confidence.
Co-Founder and Scientific Officer

Dick van Luijk

Arnold Dijkstra
CEO & Managing Director

Jay de Groot
Jay de Groot
BrainCreators is a highly skilled team of machine learning and software engineering professionals. We accelerate the roll out of AI technology in large enterprises through our BrainMatter platform and provide custom solution co-creation on top.

Jasper Wognum
Founder & CEO

Gerbert Kaandorp
Gerbert Kaandorp
Owner & Chief Scientist

Leo Elenbaas
Leo Elenbaas
Breath in Balanz helps you to becomehealthier by improving your breathing with a (realtime) feedback system. Our innovation is the “BreathBalanz”. A respiratory training/therapy developed in our practice combined with high end sensor technology.

Sonja Nijhuis
Co Founder & Partner

Nellie Bontekoe
Co-Founder & Partner


Mesbah Sabur
Circularise can be seen as the digital backbone of the circular economy, empowering all stakeholders - from mines to recyclers and everyone in between - to communicate reliable information without risking sensitive data such as their IP, identity or position in the supply chain.

Jordi de Vos

Igor Konstantinov
Growth Manager

Richard Van Tilborg
Richard van Tilborg
CoVince accelerates People Development through Next Generation Learning Adventures; Personal, Measurable and Unforgettable. Making learning Fun and more Effective. From Purpose to Fulfilment.

Melanie van Halteren
Melanie van Halteren
  Wan Liu

Crescent Tech

Samy Ralph Andary
Samy Andary
Crescent Tech is a Group of Engineers who are Passionate about Healthcare and Technology, Focussing on Intraoperative Communication and Education.

Bartosz Zabłocki
Bartosz Zablocki

Malwina Witczak
Malwina Witczak

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Crownstone

Anne van Rossum
Anne van Rossum
Crownstone is the first company bringing indoor positioning towards consumers. Crownstone technology controls lights and devices automatically. It acts upon a person just entering or leaving a room. Lights, music, heating, cooling; any electric device is adjusted to someone's personal preferences. Crownstone's machine learning makes a home smart: it brings comfort, turns off dangerous devices, and saves energy!

Alex de Mulder
Alex de Mulder
Software Developer & Designer

Peet van Tooren
Peet van Tooren

Ruud Feltkamp
Cryptohopper offers trading software for cryptocurrencies.

Trade automatically, 24/7, based on your technical indicators or follow/mimic an expert. Cryptohopper is a powerful crypto trading bot that trades for you!

CEO & Co-Founder
  Pim Feltkamp
CTO & Owner

Jonathan Salomons
Marketing and Brand strategy

Noelani Reyes
DashTag is a sports company that developed the Dash, a wearable soccer tracker.
Started in the Netherlands in 2015 we opened our San Francisco office in 2018 and launched our product this summer. We are on a mission to empower every young, dedicated soccer player with insights into their own performance through personalized, easy to understand stats.
Office Manager

Roel Bettonviel
DDIV is a product developed by Beeldr. De Founders of Beeldr are Martijn Koek, Derk Bettonviel and Roel Bettonviel. By developing a video report for a customer, we saw the possibilities of next level Marketing and Data Visualization. We decided to put DDIV in its own company.
Founder & Strategy

Jonas Klinkenbijl

Martijn Koek
Founder & Tech

Marijn van der Wal
Den offers a smart lock solution and ecosystem that can be joined by every company with the purpose of delivering or executing a service in one’s home. From delivery and services companies to caretakers and public services.
  Robert Boensma

Twan Pastoor

Robert Crone
Drones for Work develops a drone operating system to make drones more reliable. Almost all crashes can be prevented by improving the core technology responsible for propulsion, the control system. We built a state estimator and flight controller with a focus on reliability. From the software architecture all the way to the development of novel fault tolerance algorithms. Altogether this ensures the drone can safely land even in heavy weather with mechanical failures.
Founder & CEO

Mathijs Crone
Business Developer
  Busra Sari

Hans Slijp
ECG-Excellence is a Dutch based start-up which develops and delivers next level electrocardiogram (ECG) based diagnostics and prognostics solutions. Our Vision is to save lives through enhanced electrocardiogram technology. We have the objective to triple the clinical value of the low cost, non-invasive, painless, highly informative cardiac measurement system. ECG-Excellence is a spinoff of Peacs, an IP driven company which has already delivered world class solutions for ECG modelling (e.g. and non-invasive heart arrhythmia localisation.

Peter van Dam
  Joerg Finger

Bart Jacobsz Rosier
We are Etergo, and we believe it’s not enough to just build a product that is green. We believe in building a product that is better in -every- way. AppScooter features full app-integration, a 7 inch touchscreen and handlebar controls for navigation and safety, up to 240km in range, acceleration from 0 to 45km/h in 3.9 seconds, and 60L of storage space. Etergo had their AppScooter pre-production series tested and road-legal certified this summer, with their first batch already sold out, and thousands of customers on the waiting list.
CEO / Co-Founder

Marijn Flipse
Co-Founder / COO

Thomas Cox
Community Manager & Content Creator

Babak M. Mirzaie
After years of game development and specialisation specialization in 3D visualization technology, the founders of Expivi are bringing the disruptive technologies to e-commerce. The company is founded in 2017 by Babak Mirzaie, Siamak Mirzaie and Jur Rademakers.
The startup has already been nominated for – and won several awards, such as the Accenture Innovation Awards.
Co-Founder & CEO

Siamak M. Mirzaie
Co-Founder & Techlead

Jur Rademakers

Michael Kasbergen
Delft engineers is a young technical company founded in 2017. The company has a team with different technical backgrounds where they are working together on R&D projects in cooperation with small and medium-sized (international) companies.

Director of Operations

Dennis Giezeman
Managing Director

Kim Markwat
Co-Founder & Managing Director

Renato Overhoff
We established YKO Systems BV because we wanted to find a practical solution to the negative effects of prolonged gaming. We are enthusiastic about the GameTimer because we have found an effective solution to this issue.
  Yvo Overhoff
  Ben Brans

Mark Smit
Gemvision is a start-up pioneering in Augmented Reality and Machine Learning technologies. We design easy to use, b2b solutions. Ready to add value in real life situations with projects such as: ‘Smart workforce communication’ and ‘Optical wound analysis’ with a smart glass. Our dedicated team is located at Yes!Delft, in Delft the Netherlands. We aim to develop invaluable solutions for service-, maintenance-, and healthcare professionals.
Founder / CEO

Daan Pels
Head Marketing

Derk Veldhoen
We’re bringing a completely new experience to one of the most classic objects.
Glance Clock helps you in your busy daily routine with its many different features. The Glance Clock not only shows you the current time and displays the most relevant information at a glance. Sync with your phone via Bluetooth and Glance Clock reminds you about important meetings, weather forecast, fitness progress, or arriving UBER. The Glance Clock app is for both iOS and Android.
Product Manager

Alain Frie

Jurriaan Duivenvoorden
At House of Haptics we create unique products that connect people through haptic technology. House of Haptics is an innovative haptics company that builds real relationships between people, wherever they are. Our first product, HEY Bracelet, adds a new layer to communication as we know it, by sending touch over distance.
Commercial Director

Gijs Huisman
Partner and Head of R&D

Tarja van der Groot
Public Relations

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor kepler vision

Harro Stokman
Harro Stokman
Our customers deal with large quantities of video and photos. Automated visual monitoring telling what the people occurring in these videos intend to do does not exist. We help our clients solve this using our body language recognition software, which we fine-tune to the customer’s data. This allows our customers to improve safety, well-being, and to reduce costs.
CEO & Founder

Joop van Kammen

Marc van Oldernborgh
IP Portfolio Manager

Boudewijn Wisse
Laevo is a Dutch, award-winning wearable robotics startup, that develops and sells exoskeletons that support workers in Phycially Strenuous Jobs. Our main product, the LAEVO BACK V2, supports the back while lifting or sustaining static postures.

Duncan Treffers
Managing Director

Maja Rudinac Voorneveld
Lea is an assistant that will support you at any time of the day, literally and figuratively. When walking she gives you support and stability, she helps with the daily exercises and is even an energetic dance partner. In addition, she encourages contact with family and friends, and with her functionalities she makes it possible for someone, without compromise, “to take a day off”
Co-Founder & CEO

Aswin Chandarr

Gabriel Lopes
Senior Robotics Engineer

Arjen Noorbergen
Olisto is an IoT company that connects smart devices and digital services together. We’re an integration platform for APIs. App builders can connect to this ecosystem by making one single connection to the Olisto platform, as a channel in the Olisto consumer app, or integrated in their own app. We provide a cloud-based rule engine which executes rules according to the ‘if this then that’ logic in real time, where multiple ‘ifs’ (conditions) and multiple ‘thens’ (actions) are supported. End users can easily link all their smart devices and digital services so they work well together.

Teun Wagenaar
Business developer

Jeroen Wolfs
Sales & marketing

Vincent van der Locht
High tech sensors for sports, indoor radar for smart buildings, based on the same technology. Created and produced by a team of self funded engineers now looking to expand the end result
  Edwin Krikke
  Jeroen Atsma

Marco van den Bosch
The innovative Dutch high-tech company PAL-V N.V. developed the world’s first viable “flying car”, a true personal air and land vehicle. The PAL-V LIBERTY combines mobility on the road and in the air in one convenient vehicle that can be used for many applications and purposes. With the successful drive and flight test program in 2012 the Company has
proven that the PAL-V LIBERTY is “possible and allowed within existing regulations”.
CCO & VP West Europe

Carlo Maasbommel
VP International Business Research & Development and Sales

Mark Jennings
VP Sales North America

Rick Muller
Chrono Eyewear BV is an applied science company, developing, producing and marketing specialized eyewear to impact your circadian rhythm using a patented light source.
Head of Sales a.i.

Toine Schoutens

Robb Selander

Evgeny Klukin
Qoobi B.V. is a Dutch audio-tech startup, founded in 2016 by three enthusiasts with the desire to create a company that could design, technically develop and produce high-tech audio devices.
Technical creator

Matvey Evstigneev

Sergei Avdeev
Creative Director

Sjoerd Pitstra
Roader has developed technology that enables people to record video back in time so they never miss the opportunity to capture special and exciting moments.
Founder & CEO

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Scalys

Hans Klos
Hans Klos
Scalys offers a unique set of High-Grade Secure Communication solutions and products. We create enterprise-class performance and security, combining leading technology with innovative design concepts to modernize and secure the communication of connected devices.
Managing Director

Aksana Lis
Aksana Lis
Marketing Assistant

Michel Veldkamp
Michel Veldkamp
Sales Manager

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Seal network

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Joris verschoor
Joris Verschoor
Seal Network is an award-winning blockchain company that set out to create a global product authenticity and services platform. We believe that by building better products, we can build a better world. Seal makes it easier than ever to protect your brand from counterfeiters, restore consumer confidence, and gain insights into your customers and products. Take back control of your brand and unlock digital services that were never before possible, and bring your products to life.
CTO & Founder
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor bart verschoor
Bart Verschoor
CEO & Founder

Gaurav Narayan Genani
Skelex is a startup based in Rotterdam that has developed a non powered upper body
exoskeleton for industrial applications. Our device assists workers by supporting their
arms while working in the front or overhead. Result is lower fatigue, higher productivity
and lower risk of ergonomic injuries.
Founder & CEO

Ivar de Wit
European Sales Manager

Fabian Stenger
SlashLead is an Amsterdam based software development company with the passion to program. With experience in developing flexible and scalable online platforms. Always looking to new cutting edge technologies to improve.
Founder & CEO

Elkan Roelen
Smilo Platform b.v. is a Dutch tech startup, developing a decentralized blockchain platform containing private smart contracts. The team, consists of 16 experts in the field of blockchain technology, cyber security, front- and web/app development as well as content, copy and marketing.. It was founded by Elkan Roelen in 2017 and is residing in Almelo, The Netherlands.
CEO & Founder

Thomas Modeneis

Danny den Hartog
Developer of a non-medicinal soft-robotic device designed to help people sleep comfortably. Our non-medicinal soft-robotic device provides people suffering from sleep deprivation and sleep interruption good night’s rest again by giving a breathing rhythm, enabling users to fall asleep more easily and experience more deep sleep.
Sales Director

Julian Martijn Jagtenberg
Founder & Head of Growth

Stijn Antonisse

Herbert Berkhout
SOUNDNENERGY is a Dutch Scale up active in the sustainable cooling industry. We introduced on the market a disruptive cooling technique THEAC-25 without the need of Refrigerants, compressor, moving parts which doesn’t use electric power. Our unique team is able to develop a disruptive cooling technique which is applicable worldwide and serves a lot environmental issues.
SOUNDENERGY is now expanding the product portfolio and focussing on EU markets. In 2020 or earlier we like to start selling in US and Caribbean. Focusing on the mid-west for industrial waste heat recovery and Southern states for solar heat cooling.
  Roy Hamans

Lennart Nijzink
Studio X is a Startup focused with deep knowledge on building and construction. This knowledge is used to visualize BIM objects.
Managing Director

Marco Damhuis
Technical Director

Robbin Breukink

Annika Björkholm
The SwipeGuide instruction platform was born out of the frustration of how user-hostile traditional paper manuals are. They're never at hand when needed, they're text-heavy, technical and difficult to understand. For companies, they’re difficult to maintain and impossible to track.

SwipeGuide simplifies the world by making any new or complex task easier to do.
Head of Marketing

Tim Rijke
Business Development & FoundingTeam member

Willemijn Schneyder
Founder & CEO

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor th3rd

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Rudo bisschop
Rudo Bisschop
We are Th3rd, a 3D scanning company, known for our high quality scans of people and products. We have scanned people like Hardwell, Armin van Buuren, Don Diablo and Tom Dumoulin and have scans products for companies like Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger and Asics.

Esther Bisschop

Rob Koenen
Rob Koenen
Tiledmedia is a global frontrunner in flexible, low-latency delivery of extremely high-resolution video content to consumer devices. Through our advanced software products, distributors of high resolution content – e.g. 360-degree Virtual Reality video or 180-degrees panoramic video – can reach the maximum number of viewers with the highest available quality. Our product portfolio enables advanced streaming features like directional streaming and zooming without resolution loss.
CBO & Founder

Grace Liu
Travis is the leading company in translation solutions for everyone to enjoy. The company specializes in making handheld translation devices. Empowering people to travel the world without any language barriers. Travis was founded by three Dutch entrepreneurs in 2017. Today, the Travis team spans three continents with its growing head office located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and production facilities located in Shenzhen, China. Travis also represents a large majority of the world with 25 team members hailing from nearly every continent.
Managing Director

Rogier Keijzer
Business Developer

Keaton Mccalla
Head of PR & Partnership

Lars Kool
Urban Mobility Systems develops and manufactures game-changing electric lightweight autonomous (optional) vehicles for smart transportation of good and people in an urban environment.
UMS also provides complementary products and services like (hydrogen) range-extenders energy storage/buffers and wireless charging.

Bert van Mil
  Mark van der Velden

Larisa Kryuchkova
UVisio offers a new approach to personal skin care, using imaging technology and artificial intelligence.
Co-Founder & CEO

Nick Yap
Volareo is a Rotterdam-based startup ran by consumer electronics entrepreneur and former Startup of the Year Founder (Netherlands) Nick Yap. Volareo’s open source smart speaker makes the benefits of blockchain accessible and cryptocurrency easy to use. Born out of a need for an alternative piece of high-quality hardware, it focuses on user privacy and creating direct and meaningful relationships between consumer and content creator.

Kevin Oranje

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor we stream

Robert Pronk
Robert Pronk
We.Stream is a secure mobile WiFI hotspot that offers travelers worldwide secure and affordable mobile internet. We.Stream was launched succesfully at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Since the launch, We.Stream has won several technology awards and managed to sign major resellers in four continents worldwide. We.Stream is an initiative of Mondicon, who offer international mobile data solutions. We.Stream has offices in The Netherlands and in the USA.
Marketing Manager

Jurgen ter Hoeve
  Christophe Allan