Dit project is afgerond, maar wij houden u graag op de hoogte van toekomstige reizen naar deze bestemming.

Meeting with journalists is one of the important benefits of CES, The Holland Tech Square and the startups where featured in many news items around the globe, including:
Computable, computerworld, Gadgetgear, Make Use of IT, Bright, Sprout, Dutch Cowboys, Volkskrant, CES Instagram
Neopix media, Forbes, Clean Technica,, Emerce, RTV Oost, sevral regional US media stations, NRC,
Silicon Canals, Computable, Fox News, NBC, Reuters,AD, BNR, TechZine, CNBC, MedGadget, CNET, BBC
Here some examples of the mediacoverage of the startups at the Holland Tech Square 
Forbes featuring the grand opening of the Holland Tech Square with VR artist Estella
Mashable featuring PAL-V and Etergo
Silicon Canals featuring Swipeguide
RTL-Z featuring TH3RD, PROPEAQ and Skelex
RTL-Z featuring Braincarta and Crescent tech
Forbes featuring Urban Mobility Systems
Elektromagazine featuring ZOI and Braincreators
And the winner is...
Etergo has received an IHS Markit Innovation Award in the automotive category.
The TrustBox router by Scalys has won the ‘CES Best of innovation Award’ in the category Cybersecurity & Personal Privacy