Dit project is afgerond, maar wij houden u graag op de hoogte van toekomstige reizen naar deze bestemming.

Matchmaking is an important part of the program and will be executed in collaboration with a local partners. The effectiveness of matchmaking depends on early registration and intake, active participation in match selection and providing relevant company information as soon as possible.
Due to the rigorous selection and intake procedures the project team managed to secure over 2500 meetings that were valued as good to very good for the Dutch Start Ups exhibiting at the Holland Tech Square during CES 2019.
The companies had meetings with 
Companies they have met: HTC, Volkswagen, Tata Steel, Universal, APG, KPN, Amazone, Disney, Canon, Ziggo, Google LG, Epsilon, Qualqomm, Target, Miele, Anderson, Google, GM, KLM-AirFrance, Yamaha, Panasonic, Piaggio, Societe Generale RvB van Bosch, Sonos, Eon, Hornbach, Philips, Total, Michelin, ANWB, Honda, Mitschubishi, Mayo clinic, Miami Heat (NFL), IBM, Airbus, PAnasonic, DIOR, H&M, EON, GM, Audi, Yamaha, DOW chemical, Adidas, and many more that can not be disclosed due to confidentiality clauses.