A big thank you to all our wonderful speakers from Canada and the Netherlands for making this project a success.
All your contributions were recorded and will be released with your consent so more people can be inspired.
The Virtual Expert Program on Health and Circular Design Challenges during Dutch Design Week 2020. It was organized to ignite the discussion between descision makers, thought leaders and design experts from the Netherlands and Canada. The Expert program was organized by the Consulates General of The Netherlands in Toronto and Vancouver,, Dutch Design Week and
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DAY 1 Health design
Humanity centered design
In this key note Rob Adams (Six Fingers) shares his views on humanity centered design.
In his lightning talk 'Sutures', Andrew King (LeMay Architects) reflects on the new Hospital and Teaching Center that is currently built in the heart of Montreal. Not only healing humens but also healing a city.
Vitality Platform Eindhoven
Victor Donker (High Tech Campus Eindhoven) presents the recently launched Public-Private 'Vitality' initiative that brings together regional stakeholders to support and promote a healthy and balanced life.
Knowledge Design + Global Health
In this lightning talk Netta Kornberg (Dadaleh Institute) talks about the design approach to adress the systemic barriers to health and healthcare.
Personalized medicine
Lightning talk about personalized medicine by Pieter Debrauwer (TNO)
Esther Jongsma (VANTOT) presents SUNSEEKER r a sustainable and interactive (street) light-installation designed for the brand new Victoriapark in the city center of Eindhoven.
Disruptive Design for Mental Health
Aaron Labbé (LUCID) presents the Lucid Project a system that harnesses the healing power of psychoacoustics
Body Works
Lotte Willems (Holst Centre) explains the co-creation of smart clothing with designer Pauline van Dongen to explore the potential of haptic feedback.
One minute futures
Frank Kolkman presents a design probe made by students whit whom he investigates the future of healthcare by exploring Reon Brands' future model of environmental collapse.
DAY 2 Circular Design
The Embassy of Rethinking Plastic @ Yksi Expo
Since social distance did not allow our participants to join us in Eindhoven, so Jessie and Sandra ( visited Yksi Expo - The Embassy of Rethinking Pastic and spoke to designers at the exibition.
Object density - Nicola Charlesworth and Kim Stanek
Beachcombers - Gundega Strauberga
Plastigela - Soowon Chae
Digitisation of the plastics industry - unlocking the potential of the circular economy
Igor Konstantinov (Circularise ) explains how his organization unlocks the potential of the circular economy through the digitisation of the plastics industry.
Circular Alternatives For Cellulose Acetates In Eyewear Manufacturing.
Darrin Kenigsberg (Welcome Studios) discusses Circular Alternatives For Cellulose Acetates In Eyewear Manufacturing.
The Exploded View
Lucas de Man (New Heroes) takes us into the World of Biobased and Citcular Building at The Exploded View exhibition.
What If Lab: The Circular Station
Dries van Wagenberg (DDW) explains the concept of What if Labs where designers and large scale organisations collaborate; the Train Station of the Future
What if Lab: A natural train station
Leonie Welling (Welling Architects) explains the use of landscape morhology and vegetation exploring the train station of the future
What if Lab: Bioreceptive Stations
Lars van Vianen (Scape Agency) explains how to design bioreceptive trainstations and the development of bespoke panels for organisms to grow on.
What about lifetime mismatch?
Florian Mesch (Lightwell) presents the CENT-R streetlight project and the benefits of modular approach when designing the public space.